Successful Launch of eQuaLearn Training for MedAccred at the 1st MedAccred Supplier Forum

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Successful Launch of eQuaLearn Training for MedAccred at the 1st MedAccred Supplier Forum

08 June 2015

The first MedAccred Supplier Forum took place on May 12th and 13th in Pittsburgh, USA.

The Forum had a dual purpose – to educate companies interested in the MedAccred program and to train them on how to prepare for MedAccred audits.

The Forum attendees, who were representatives from medical device manufacturers and suppliers, were offered complimentary training sessions on Internal Auditing, MedAccred Audit Preparation and Root Cause Corrective Action – MedAccred Style. These sessions were abbreviated versions of a new range of eQuaLearn courses designed to support MedAccred participants.

The Internal Auditing training course  covers all the stages of performing a successful internal audit, including creating an internal audit program, writing up an audit plan, qualifying auditors and conducting the audit.

The aim of the MedAccred Audit Preparation course is to teach the attendees about scheduling MedAccred audits and using other related functions of eAuditNet, the online audit management system.

The popular eQuaLearn Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) course was originally developed to help aerospace suppliers to address non-conformances identified during an audit by analysing the causes and implementing sustainable corrective action. At the MedAccred Supplier Forum, a shortened MedAccred-specific version of the course was conducted for the first time.

Other essential eQuaLearn courses, such as the Checklist Review series which provides an in-depth insight into the audit criteria for various critical processes, have also been re-designed specifically for MedAccred.

Additional MedAccred training opportunities will be available later in 2015. To learn more about eQuaLearn, please visit the eQuaLearn website or contact the team for more information on the new MedAccred classes.

“Since 2007 eQuaLearn has been providing a range of professional development courses to meet the needs of the aerospace industry. It is a great pleasure to witness the successful launch of eQuaLearn training for the medical device industry,” said Joe Pinto, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute (PRI). “By introducing training in support of MedAccred audits, PRI is proud to be able to offer a holistic approach to help the industry in their efforts to continually improve critical process capabilities in the supply chain.”