Parker Aerospace Group commits to Nadcap


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Parker Aerospace Group commits to Nadcap

15 October 2008

As of 15 October 2008, the US aerospace Subscriber Parker Aerospace Group of Irvine, California, accepts Nadcap accreditation from their Americas-based suppliers for the following special processes: Aerospace Quality Systems, Chemical Processing, Coatings, Fluid Distribution Systems, Heat Treating, Nondestructive Testing, Nonconventional Machining, Surface Enhancement and Welding.

Arshad Hafeez of PRI, which administers the Nadcap program, said: “By accepting Nadcap accreditation, Parker Aerospace Group is demonstrating its commitment to continual improvement and quality in special processes and supply chain management.”


About Parker Aerospace Group

Parker Aerospace employs over 57,000 employees in 47 countries to design, build, and support systems and components for virtually every aircraft flying today. With extensive engineering expertise in motion and control, market-leading breadth of product, and unequaled global distribution, Parker provides innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide.