Free Internal Auditing Whitepapers Released by eQuaLearn


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Free Internal Auditing Whitepapers Released by eQuaLearn

08 September 2015

In conjunction with the successful launch of “Internal Audit Systems” and “The Internal Auditor” training courses, eQuaLearn has recently released a series of free whitepapers about internal auditing. The new resources are downloadable from the PRI website and cover the following topics:

Internal Auditing Techniques: Identifying Easy Targets

Internal Auditing Techniques: Data Gathering

Internal Auditing Techniques: Preparing for an Internal Audit

The whitepapers discuss some of the key points covered in the new eQuaLearn courses.

The eQuaLearn course developers have altered the approach to Internal Audit training, giving customers the opportunity to streamline their training based on the specialization of their staff.

While the new courses address complex issues such as designing an internal audit system and fitting the internal audit timeline within regular daily routine, the free whitepapers provide additional information on certain aspects of the overall internal audit process.

Learn more about the eQuaLearn Internal Audit courses.