Complimentary Training at the Next Nadcap Meeting


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Complimentary Training at the Next Nadcap Meeting

14 September 2015

At the October Nadcap meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, eQuaLearn will run training sessions free of charge on a first come, first served basis:

Basic Metallurgy October 19, 2015 1pm- 4pm

A tool kit to help identify in-process changes, which might be detrimental to end product, and take appropriate corrective action to reduce the risk of nonconformity.

Root Cause Corrective Action Nadcap Style October 19, 2015 1pm – 4pm

Designed to teach participants how to analyze problems and determine long-term solutions.

Contract Review October 20, 2015 8am- 5pm

Aimed at people who manage contract review in the aerospace industry and those who carry out contract reviews.

Internal Auditing Systems October 20, 2015 8am- 5pm

Walks through the process of building a new internal audit system or starting over after a failure of the internal audit system.

Nadcap Audit Preparation October 21, 2015 1pm – 4pm

Designed to provide a complete overview of Nadcap requirements related to the audit.

AS9100   October 22, 2015 8am – 5pm

Provides a comprehensive review of AS/EN/JISQ 9100 and illustrates how compliance leads to continual improvement.

Visit the eQuaLearn website for more information on these or any other training on offer.