SSC Chair Report – Pittsburgh Nadcap Meeting October 2017

12th December 2017

Hello, Fellow Nadcap Suppliers! In keeping with the Supplier Support Committee’s (SSC) ongoing communication efforts, this letter will provide a brief summary to all Suppliers about the recent Nadcap meeting held October 23-26 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the U.S. 546 Suppliers attended the Pittsburgh meeting, 160 of whom attended the SSC general meeting Tuesday afternoon. […]

Electroplating – The art of the Modern Alchemist

11th December 2017

Metals such as copper, lead, tin, gold, and silver have been mined, smelted, and used since ancient times. The importance of metals and metal alloy in human history has been solidified by using metals names to classify time periods in history, such as the Bronze and Iron Ages. By 1750, only a mere 11 metals […]

Chemical Processing: The Science and Application of Plating

8th December 2017

Do you have a plating problem you can’t solve? eQuaLearn’s new two-day course, Chemical Processing: The Science and Application of Plating, has been designed to support the aerospace industry manufactures and make the plating problems a thing of the past. The core objective of this course is to help participants understand how the science and […]

FDA Recognizes AMS2750

6th December 2017

The Agency’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health has formally recognized pyrometry standard AMS 2750 for heat treating. Originally drafted by SAE International in 1980 for the aerospace industry, the standard is the foundation of heat treating audit criteria for the burgeoning medical device supply-chain oversight program MedAccred. A pyrometry standard originally developed for the […]

MedAccred Makes Its Mark

4th December 2017

The industry was buzzing when Stryker announced in July that it would require its future suppliers of critical manufacturing processes to be accredited by MedAccred, a medical supply chain oversight program formed in 2010 by the Performance Review Institute. The program is gaining traction as more medtech OEMs are beginning to require accreditation, but Stryker’s […]

Progress and Achievements of 2017

1st December 2017

Social Media eQuaLearn is excited to celebrate its one-year anniversary on LinkedIn! Follow eQuaLearn on LinkedIn to receive the latest eQuaLearn news regarding newly developed courses, complimentary training at Nadcap meetings, and technical articles written by our industry expert instructors! Access our LinkedIn page by clicking here. Complimentary Training eQuaLearn participated in the three Nadcap […]

Complimentary eQuaLearn Training at the Madrid, Spain Nadcap Meeting!

23rd November 2017

eQuaLearn will offer complimentary courses at the Nadcap Meeting in Madrid, Spain on 19-22 February 2018. Seats are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your seat in AS9100, Internal Audit Systems Overview, and many more classes, register here. Nadcap Audit Preparation February 19, 2018 (2:00pm-5:00pm) Designed to provide a complete overview of […]

How to Respond in RCCA Format – by Justin Rausch

15th November 2017

Root cause, corrective action (RCCA) analysis is a key element to the Nadcap program and audit review. Once non-conformances (NCRs) are identified during a Nadcap audit, steps must be taken to address these issues and ensure they are corrected. Knowing the various elements of RCCA response is critical to ensuring appropriate improvements are made to […]

Nadcap Global Supplier Survey Released

23rd October 2017

In an effort to drive continual improvement, the Nadcap Supplier Support Committee (SSC) released the 2017 Nadcap Supplier Survey today at the October Nadcap meeting in Pittsburgh. First conducted in 2003, and every 2 years since then, the purpose of this initiative is to gather feedback from Suppliers on their experiences of the Nadcap program. […]

US Government Issues $1 Million Multi-Year Award to Assist MedAccred

3rd October 2017

GENEDGE received a $1 million multi-year award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for assistance in the Growth through MedAccred project. The award was issued by NIST in response to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Competitive Awards Program submission by GENEDGE. The request for proposal related to critical manufacturing technologies; supply chain […]