Approved Training Provider for Pyrometry


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Approved Training Provider for Pyrometry

09 June 2017

The eQuaLearn program is excited to announce that we have earned the status of “Approved eQualified Training Provider” based on the content of our Introduction to Pyrometry course. eQuaLearn is the first global training provider to achieve this qualification. The Introduction to Pyrometry course has been approved by subject matter experts to prepare candidates for the following Heat Treating processes and levels:

  • Pyrometry Process – Operator / Calibration and Test – Technician
  • Pyrometry Calibration and Test – Planner
  • Pyrometry Calibration and Test – Owner
  • Pyrometry Process – Planner
  • Pyrometry Process – Owner

The eQualified program is a global industry-managed system for qualifying special process aerospace personnel. eQualified participants work together to write Bodies of Knowledge (BoK) that form the basis of written and practical assessments. BoKs are documents developed by subject matter experts that detail the baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a target position. Online assessments are then created based off the BoKs and are used to provide objective evidence of a candidate’s competency for a specific job role.

The eQualified Heat Treat Review Board evaluated eQuaLearn’s Introduction to Pyrometry course material and instructors to ensure each met the rigorous requirements established by the program. The material was reviewed for technical content and the Heat Treat instructors were evaluated based on their knowledge and experience relevant to the Bodies of Knowledge.

By granting approval, the Review Board concluded that eQuaLearn’s  Introduction to Pyrometry course provides appropriate content for candidates who are preparing to take eQualified Heat Treat assessments. In addition to training for assessments, eQuaLearn courses also add value to companies and individuals to expand their knowledge.

The eQuaLearn Introduction to Pyrometry course is offered publicly in the Americas, Europe and Asia sectors or privately as an onsite training session. This course provides a full review of the requirements and comprehensive discussion on the SAE AMS 2750E specification. The objectives of the course are to assure a thorough understanding of pyrometric controls applicable to heat treating, the application of pyrometric controls within the typical heat treat facility, and the intent and interpretation of AMS 2750E. Upcoming eQuaLearn training locations include Munich, Germany; Lyon, France; Derby, UK; Torrance, California, USA; and Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. A complete list of all eQuaLearn courses is available on our website, Please feel free to contact an eQuaLearn team member if you have any additional questions regarding eQuaLearn training.