A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair


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A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair

06 November 2015
Greetings, fellow Nadcap suppliers! I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new chair of the Supplier Support Committee (SSC), replacing Tom Newton; please join me in thanking Tom for his service. In keeping with the SSC’s ongoing communication efforts, this letter is intended to provide a brief summary to all suppliers about the recent meeting held October 19-23 in Pittsburgh. Of the 521 suppliers who participated in the Pittsburgh Nadcap sessions last week over 150 attended the SSC general meeting, more than we have seen in 2 years. I shared important news applicable to suppliers at this meeting, including:

  • 2015 Supplier Survey was launched at the meeting; many suppliers took the opportunity to complete the survey during the week. Emails are being sent to all suppliers with a link to the online survey. Please take time to participate in this survey as it provides data for the SSC and the Nadcap program. The survey will continue through the Madrid meetings in February 2016.
  • Nadcap Technical Symposia are being held around the U.S. and Europe this year with more scheduled for 2016 – including 2 in Asia! These symposia have been developed to provide technical support for suppliers who may not be able to attend Nadcap meetings. Please take advantage of one coming near you.
  • A Nadcap Technical Newsletter has been emailed out to all suppliers. This inaugural issue contains useful information on preparing for heat treat audits.
  • All task groups provided a report on the Auditor Conference, providing information to suppliers on what was discussed and what direction/interpretations were given to the auditors. This was a direct result of a SSC Request Form submitted online.
    • As a reminder, task group minutes are posted on the p-r-i.org website – take advantage and review them if you did not attend this meeting.
  • The NMC Standardization Committee is working on a proposal requiring suppliers to provide a completed self-audit to the auditor 30 days prior to the audit, applicable for all task groups. Stay tuned for further information.
    • This committee also accepted a proposal to not limit the number of supplier voting members on task groups – which means YOU can become involved in audit criteria development!
  • The SSC has started planning for 2 Nadcap meetings ahead so as to provide suppliers with information enabling them to make appropriate travel arrangements. Suppliers will now know of supplier events scheduled for the next meeting immediately following a meeting.

Supplier events planned for February 22 and 23 in Madrid include:

– SSC Leadership Team Opening Reception for all suppliers (Monday 8AM);
– Nadcap from a Staff Engineer Perspective (Monday);
– Nadcap from a Task Group Chair perspective (Monday);
– Supplier training including a tutorial and keys to a successful audit, both presented by experienced suppliers, followed by an eAuditNet tutorial (Tuesday 8AM-11AM);
– Subscriber Updates – Rockwell Collins has agreed to present, we are working to get a European subscriber as well (Tuesday);
– SSC General meeting featuring supplier news updates on the survey, flow down and mentoring, and a word from the NMC Chair Jeff Lott (Tuesday 5PM-6:30PM).

It is my hope that this meeting summary has been of value to you and has provided some reasons for joining us in Madrid February 22-26, 2016. I hope to see you there. In the meantime please let us know how we may better serve you by using the SSC Request Form which can be found online at p-r-i.org.


In your service,

Dale Harmon

Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

Chair, Nadcap Supplier Support Committee